Enterprises are focused on building better
products and building them faster

Simple self-service
on-demand consumption

Agile and flexible
development environment

Fast time-to-market

While cloud environments remain siloed,
gaining true agility and flexibility requires significant investments
and often diminishes time-to-market

Now you can leverage AWS-compatible
cloud services for running and scaling

cloud-native applications on-prem

Stratoscale delivers robust cloud building blocks
to align the enterprise on-prem environment
with the public cloud


AWS-compatible services,
APIs and DevOps On-prem


Self-service on-demand consumption of
cloud services on-prem


Fully managed cloud services
that automate the entire lifecycle


Run Modern Applications On-Prem

Comprehensive Building Blocks

Build complex cloud-native applications
faster, and run applications on-prem
or in the cloud without any re-writes


One consistent approach
to cloud-native applications
with AWS APIs and DevOps tools

Fully Managed Cloud-Services

Automate the entire lifecycle
of services: provisioning,
monitoring, upgrading and scaling

The Modern Data Center

Leverage existing infrastructure
to deliver Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Simplified Operations

Improve operations with self-service
consumption and central management
for all resources

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