Enterprises are focused on building better
products and building them faster

Simple self-service

Agile and flexible
development environment

Fast time-to-market

But, moving workloads between
environments requires a detailed long-term
plan and significant investments

Now you can go “all-in”
with an

On-Prem AWS

Stratoscale enables IT to transform any hardware
and offer an application-centric and service-driven
AWS Region within the enterprise data center


capacity becomes infinite, grown


easy to manage, easy to consume


fully managed services that
automate and monitor processes

Stratoscale Symphony

The On-Prem AWS Region

Holistic solution

Turnkey software-only hybrid cloud
infrastructure, no need for additional
third-party software


Fuel development with single-click
deployment of applications and
fully-managed services


Deploy 100s of VMs in minutes and
manage all resources via a single
pane of glass

No vendor lock-in

Any hardware, all workloads

Flexibility and mobility

Full support for all workloads
and applications (legacy and cloud-native),
VMs and containers, in an
AWS-compatible environment

Future-proof your
on-prem cloud

Simple and effective capacity
management and monitoring

Continue to grow. Scaling capacity is as
simple as dropping in more disks

Applications and services that work
for you and ensure you remain at the front of

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