Software Defined Data Center (SDDC)


Enterprise Private Clouds with a Full SDDC

Consolidate and Transform Your Data Center into a Flexible Cloud Infrastructure

Breaking the silos between virtualization, networking and storage with a single admin that can manage all aspects of the infrastructure

With automation and self-healing tools Symphony freeing valuable time to support internal customers and the business

Easily migrate your current environment into Stratoscale Symphony, supporting VMware, Hyper-V and KVM workloads.

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You began your journey with server virtualization and maybe even some sort of infrastructure consolidation. Then you realized that this was not enough, what you really need is a fully virtualized environment with software defined storage and networking.

To simplify the provisioning of data center resources and applications, you require a fully virtualized, software-defined data center architecture.

A virtual data center

Stratoscale Symphony is an enterprise private cloud with a full SDDC, supporting compute, storage and networking virtualization, all tightly integrated into a single, easy to use product. Symphony is self-balancing, self-healing and supports multi-tenant and multi-project deployments, with self-service portals for efficient provisioning and management of all activities.

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