Looking for an Amazon AWS Alternative?


Stratoscale Symphony provides the agility and self-service of the public cloud, with the security and control over data and expenses not available on AWS.

Stratoscale Symphony delivers a holistic data center that is easy to deploy and manage, in a cost-effective manner. Symphony delivers a private cloud, AWS EC2 alternative, that offers agility, self-service and scalability with response to market requirements.

Tight control of compute resources and centralized management over expenses is back in your hands!

Stratoscale Symphony Provides:

  • AWS-like environment, easy to create and manage workloads
  • Consistent performance with self-healing and automatic load balancing
  • Advanced software-defined networking and storage that makes the private cloud as efficient and agile as possible
  • Standard OpenStack-based APIs ensure connectability to all open-source friendly environments, providing the infra for hybrid deployments
  • Controlled expenditures, no more surprises when the bill arrives – start small and auto-scale as required

With Stratoscale’s Amazon cloud alternative, users achieve the efficiency and business agility that take the modern data center to the next level with scalable, on-demand IT.

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I’m used to the quick efficiency of AWS EC2 – how easy is it to get with up and running with Stratoscale?
Stratoscale Symphony is super simple to deploy and manage – obtain a production deployment in under 1-hour. Designed to grow as your business expands, Stratoscale linearly scales out performance and capacity to 100s of nodes.

With AWS it’s really easy to expand as my businesses grows – how does it work with Stratoscale?
Stratoscale is designed to linearly scale out performance and capacity to 100s of nodes. All this, with no risk of the unexpected ‘AWS surprise’ when the bill arrives.

Can I keep different users completely isolated from one another?
Stratoscale supports multi-tenancy, providing true virtualization isolation, out-of-the-box.

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“By intelligently aggregating heterogeneous infrastructure into shared pools of compute, network and storage resources, Stratoscale is addressing the need for greater efficiency of application management at scale.”

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VP and General Manager, Cloud Platforms Group, Intel

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