The On-Prem Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Stratoscale Symphony

Stratoscale Symphony offers a robust software-defined cloud infrastructure solution that converges all resources into one holistic single software solution, enabling IT teams to focus on high-impact initiatives. Stratoscale Symphony brings the agility and fast-paced innovation of the cloud to the on-prem environment by transforming on-prem infrastructure (any x86 server and external storage) into elastic and optimized Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Stratoscale Symphony offers a self-service infrastructure consumption model and an effective intuitive single pane of management to offer enterprises flexibility and simplified operations without compromising on time-to-market, performance and cost.

Deliver Consistent Cloud DevOps using Terraform

Software-Defined Data Center

Leverage any existing commodity X86 servers to create a dynamic pool of compute, storage and networking resources to meet global needs

Simplified Operations

Improve IT operations with self-service consumption and a single software stack and central management for all resources

Data-Driven Automation

Eliminate complex manual IT ops with machine learning intelligence, abstracting resources for optimal automation

Future-Proof the Enterprise Data Center

It’s easy and essentially effortless to deliver turnkey cloud-native building blocks to support modern applications on-prem.

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Stratoscale Symphony


Stratoscale Symphony


The Agile Data Center

Spin up 100s of VMs in minutes, while natively supporting VMs and containers. Easily scale all resources as demand grows.

Data-Driven Automation and Orchestration

Resource performance data is collected and analyzed in real-time, to enable ongoing mitigation of failures. Machine learning intelligence is leveraged to support future workloads by predicting resource needs, providing failure prevention actions and optimizing TCO.

Hardware Agnostic

Leverage any existing hardware, including external storage appliances, and eliminate hardware vendor lock-in for demand-based scaling.

Self-Service Consumption

All resources are directly consumed by users via an intuitive self-service portal, supporting multi-tenancy and quota-based consumption.

Single Pane of Glass

Increase productivity with a single pane of glass; no need for third party monitoring and management tools.

Enterprise Grade

Secure and highly available infrastructure, ensuring stability and resiliency.

Resource Optimization

Significant increase in resource utilization (x3 VM density) without additional hardware.

Cost Optimization

Pay as you grow with a subscription-based model. Significant cost reduction compared to traditional solutions ; no need for additional third-party software vendors.

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Finally, a simple way to build and scale IaaS on-prem

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