Easily Spin Up and Scale Load Balancing for Automatic Distribution of On-Prem Application Traffic

Load Balancer as a Service

Chorus’ Load Balancer as a Service offers the ability to spin up, customize and scale load balancers to support fault tolerance and ensure high availability and application scalability over time. To simplify operations even further, Chorus’ Load Balancer Service supports AWS ELB APIs. Chorus’ Load Balancer Service routes traffic according to application or network considerations and provides the required amount of load balancing capacity needed and distributes it to meet high availability and network performance requirements. Among many popular use cases, Chorus’ Load Balancer Service offers significant value in ensuring web services scalability, and can also be used in conjunction to Kubernetes, providing single-click scalability for containers orchestration.

Watch how you can easily build highly-available applications on-prem

Simplify Load Balancing for Applications

Create highly-available and scalable applications in minutes and improve application reliability

On-prem Load Balancer

Leverage an on-prem load balancer service for traffic inside your private virtual network

Build Highly Scalable and Reliable Applications

Offers an essential building block for improving application uptime and scalability by monitoring load and availability of application instances, offering real-time add/remove of instances, and distributing traffic accordingly


Offers resilient networking and security capabilities

Speed Up Development of Cloud-Native Applications

It’s easy and essentially effortless to deliver turnkey cloud-native building blocks to support modern applications on-prem.

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On-demand Provisioning

Eliminates the need to configure or manage the load balancer to ensure a simple and effective experience as well as fast time-to-market.

Automatic Health Monitoring

Automatic monitoring to detect unhealthy instances; once Chorus detects failure, unhealthy instances are taken out of rotation, and will be reactivated when possible.

Trusted Open Source Technology

The Load Balancer as a Service is built on top of the widely used HAProxy technology.


Create an internal load balancer to route traffic using private IP addresses within your virtual network or implement a multi-tiered architecture using internal and internet-facing load balancers; application infrastructure can use private IP addresses and security groups, allowing you to expose only the internet-facing tier with public IP addresses.

Wide Range of Protocols

Supports TCP/UDP-based protocols as well as HTTP and HTTPS.

AWS ELB-compatible APIs

Offer standard AWS APIs for application integration.

Use Cases

Highly Available Applications

Chorus’ Load Balancer as a Service offers instant value for on-prem applications by automatically balancing traffic across instances and networks. Chorus automatically monitors instances health to ensure traffic is only routed health instances and is continuously balanced.

Scalable Web Services

Chorus’ Load Balancer as a Service offer instantaneous value for web services by ensuring scalability to answer customers demand. Creating and adding load balancer instances is a fast and simple activity, which can be initiated directly by users via an intuitive self-service GUI or by leveraging AWS ELB-compatible APIs.

Load Balance Kubernetes

Container orchestration is a critical element in building and running containerized applications. Chorus’ Load Balancer as a Service can be leveraged conjunction to Chorus’ Managed Kubernetes, providing single-click scalability and high availability for containers orchestration.

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