Easily Launch, Monitor and Scale Kubernetes Clusters to Support a Containers-Driven Strategy


Chorus offers a highly scalable Kubernetes as a service to allow developers to run container-based applications and scale as needed. Developers and admins can now easily create Kubernetes clusters via an intuitive GUI or APIs. Chorus eliminates all other manual management, monitoring and scaling tasks.

Watch how you can easily launch and scale Kubernetes clusters

Launch and Manage Clusters at Scale

Manages all operational aspects of Kubernetes clusters: spawn, monitor, upgrades and scalability

Optimal Performance For Each Specific Workload

Offers developers the flexibility in choosing the relevant EC2-compatible instances and storage to ensure optimal performance and high availability

Support On-Prem Containerized Workloads

Extend containers-driven strategies to on-prem environments, including edge sites

Zero Learning Curve

Leverage Kubernetes GUI and maintain existing practices

Speed Up Development of Cloud-Native Applications

It’s easy and essentially effortless to deliver turnkey cloud-native building blocks to support modern applications on-prem.

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Kubernetes as a service


Simple Creation, Ongoing Monitoring & Maintenance

Launch and scale clusters via intuitive GUI or API. Easily monitor cluster health and usage and adjust existing clusters to accommodate demand.

Highly Available

Keeps clusters up and running according to defined sizing, even during node failure or maintenance.


Kubernetes is transformed to offer a true multi-tenant service.

Managed Upgrades

Manages Kubernetes upgrades automation.

Native Kubernetes

Users can deploy services and applications and use KubeCtl CLI or Kube API to connect clusters to automated procedures such as Jenkins flows.

Network Made Easy

Provides turnkey network access to cluster endpoints using standard VPC capabilities.

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Finally, build, run and scale cloud-native applications on-prem

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White paper

Everything you need to know on deploying, managing and scaling Kubernetes.



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