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Support Existing Applications with Cloud-Grade and Scalable File Sharing Service

Chorus File System Service

Modernizing legacy applications and applying cloud benefits across all workloads is a complicated, resource-intensive and time consuming task. Chorus’ File System Service supports existing, and cloud-native applications, without any need for adjustments or application re-write. It provides an easy-to-use, highly available and scalable file sharing solution for use with Symphony’s IaaS, supporting AWS EFS-compatible APIs, enabling multiple instances to access the file system instantaneously and providing a common data source for various workloads. Designed to offer simple creation and minimal configuration, Chorus’ File System Service leverages built-in storage or external storage appliances which are fully abstracted to ensure elasticity and cost effectiveness. Chorus’ File System Service provides a standard file system interface and file system access semantics to support existing workloads.

Modernizing File Systems Consumption

Transform file sharing into a self-service on-demand consumption model

Consistent Performance

Provides the throughput, IOPS, and low latency needed for a broad range of workloads

Automatic Scalability

Chorus automatically scales file system storage capacity without disrupting applications


File systems are transformed to offer a true multi-tenant service

Speed Up Development of Cloud-Native Applications

It’s easy and essentially effortless to deliver turnkey cloud-native building blocks to support modern applications on-prem.

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Chorus File System


Stratoscale Chorus


Share File Storage Access Across Instances

Multiple compute instances can access the file system, so applications that scale beyond a single instance can access a file system without the need to maintain multiple copies.

Highly Available and Durable

Each file system object data and metadata (i.e. directory, file, and link) is redundantly replicated to prevent data loss.

Built-in Scalability and Performance

Chorus’ File System service offers integrated performance, enabling many clients and workloads to request data concurrently, supporting a wide array of file sharing use cases.

Elastic Scaling

Storage capacity, which spans across all storage resources, can automatically expand or shrink according to demand with no additional provisioning.

Automated Upgrades

Upgrades are performed on a scheduled maintenance timeframe, as determined by users and accommodate specific requirements.

AWS EFS-compatible APIs

Offer standard AWS APIs for application integration.

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Finally, support legacy and cloud-native applications with cloud-grade and scalable file sharing

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