Database as a Service

Managing databases involves not just deployment, but also complex operational aspects such as storage, backup, failure detection, disaster recovery and upgrades. Symphony makes it easier to set up, operate, and scale databases by offering a fully managed database as a service that removes operational friction of deploying databases and managing common database administrative tasks throughout their lifecycle. Symphony’s highly scalable, open and secure database as a service offers support for databases users are looking for along with the cloud-based consumption model they demand.

Reduce Time to Market

Empower developers with self-service database provisioning and management

Improve Applications

Allow developers to choose the best tool for the job from popular open source and commercial databases

Increases IT Productivity

Manage diverse databases types, including scaling and upgrading, in a consistent way while leveraging the best native capabilities of each; standardize to avoid proliferation of versions and configurations

Maximizes Resource Utilization

Spin up or down databases quickly to facilitate peak production loads or Dev/Test needs


Databases are transformed to offer a true multi-tenant service

Getting Started is Simple

It’s easy and essentially effortless to transform your data center into an on-prem AWS-compatible region.
Stratoscale Symphony enables spinning up 100s of VMs in minutes.

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Self-Service Databases

Add database as a service in less than one hour with no configuration hassles or custom coding required

Self Healing

Leverage automatic failure detection and recovery without the need for monitoring

On-Demand Provisioning

Provision and manage MySQL (5.5 and 5.6)

Persistent Storage

Selection of database storage options based on local disk pools or external storage devices

Automated Backup and Restore Replicas

Allow users to choose backup target, frequency and number of retained snapshots; users can easily restore from backup to timestamp

AWS RDS-compatible APIs

Offer standard AWS APIs for application integration

Scalable Infrastructure

Resize infrastructure and storage based on evolving demand

Automated Upgrades

Upgrades are performed on a scheduled maintenance timeframe, as determined by users and accommodate specific requirements

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