Flexibility To Package And Deploy Workloads, Using VMs Alongside Containers

Symphony Compute

Symphony’s KVM-based hypervisor resides at the heart of the Symphony solution and provides unified and complete virtualization for compute, storage and networking, with no need for third-party software. The hypervisor assures enterprise-grade virtualization to build a simple-to-manage, resilient and highly-available software-defined data center.


Minutes to deploy a fully functioning environment


Leverage scaling groups for automatic scaling via a simple and intuitive interface

Support Evolving Business Demand

Shift resources to where they are needed according to business priorities and demand

Optimized Utilization

Effective optimization of all shared physical resources

Future-Proof the Enterprise Data Center

It’s easy and essentially effortless to deliver turnkey cloud-native building blocks to support modern applications on-prem.

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Cloud-Optimized Hypervisor (Enhanced KVM)

Unified and complete virtualization for compute, storage and networking. Universal computing offers the flexibility to choose how to package and deploy workloads using VMs or containers. No need for third party software.

Manage Consumption

Admins can allocate compute capacity to tenants, including number of cores, instances and RAM, monitor consumption and adjust quota as demand changes.

Scaling Groups Ensure High Availability

Based on a simple and intuitive definition of the launch configuration, instances will be created or deleted to accommodate the require scaling group size. Symphony automatically checks the health of the group, identifies failure and launches new instances as needed.

Resource Monitoring

Real-time and continuous monitoring of all nodes.

Smart Resource Rebalance

Actively redistributes loads to ensure performance during entire lifecycle.

Post Boot Automation (Cloud-init)

Easily customize cloud applications by automatically applying user data to a new instance.

Smart Placement

Assesses the placement of new workloads and ensures optimal performance.

Affinity and Anti Affinity Policies

Full control over workload policies to ensure that workloads that require low latency are placed in vicinity, while workloads that require scale out or resiliency are placed on different resource pools or failure domains.

Business SLA Profiles

Defines resource consumption service profiles for different workloads based on availability and consumption requirements.

AWS EC2-Compatible API

Offer standard AWS APIs for application integration.

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Finally, a simple way to build and scale IaaS on-prem

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