Block Storage

Software-defined block storage service provides applications with persistent scalable virtual volumes


Allows to persist application data on built in storage or external storage appliances

Data High Availability

Data is replicated across multiple nodes within cluster for safety and durability in case of disk or server failure


Stripes all I/O across each available storage device in the cluster

Cost Effective

Cost reduction by using hyperconverged storage. Enables leveraging existing investments by adding storage appliances to the pool

Getting Started is Simple

It’s easy and essentially effortless to transform your data center into an on-prem AWS-compatible region.
Stratoscale Symphony enables spinning up 100s of VMs in minutes.

Setup Your Account

Block Storage


Block Storage


Storage Backend Abstraction

Transparently use storage pools from different backends (Hyperconverged, SAN, iSCSI, NFS appliances) to provide storage to the application

Intelligent Caching

Frequently accessed data blocks are automatically placed on lowest latency devices

Space-Efficient Snapshots and Clones

Volume-centric thin snapshots and clones preserve just delta between source volume and its snapshots

Quota Services

Admins can allocate storage capacity to tenants, monitor consumption and adjust quota as demand changes


All volumes are accessible from all the servers, enabling any node in the cluster to use the hyperconverged storage even on nodes that do not have local disks

Thin Provisioning

Only actually written data consumes storage space

Capacity Balancing

Among all the nodes in the system, eliminating performance bottlenecks

Easy to Use

Minimal configuration for volume deployment


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