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We’re passionate about open source. Not only do we use open source software in our own products, but we also regularly contribute to leading open source initiatives

Open Source Projects

At Stratoscale, we believe that software development is best approached within a living community that works, thinks, innovates and fosters progress together. Our engineers contribute patches to open source and free software projects ─ providing feedback to existing projects and submitting bug reports. We have started releasing some of our own creations under the Apache V2 Software License. We hope that these projects will be adopted within the international community.  


Stratoscale uses and contributes to:


OpenStack software controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter, managed through a dashboard or via the OpenStack API. The OpenStack project is a global collaboration of developers and cloud computing technologists producing the open standard cloud computing platform for both public and private clouds.



KVM (for Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is a full open source virtualization solution for Linux on x86 hardware containing virtualization extensions (Intel VT or AMD-V). Using KVM, one can run multiple virtual machines running unmodified Linux or Windows images. Each virtual machine has private virtualized hardware: a network card, disk, graphics adapter, etc.


Trove is an open source database as a service project that is part of OpenStack. The project’s mission is to provide scalable and reliable cloud database as a service provisioning functionality for relational and non-relational database engines. Tesora, the leading contributor to the Trove Project, was acquired by Stratoscale in early 2017. For additional information visit the Trove Project Wiki.

Social Code – Workflows

Like any dynamic organization, we’re currently suffering from growing pains, a result of our increasing size. These challenges have resulted in diverse utilities that we developed for implementing our workflows.

These are some of the projects released. You can find a complete list and read the detailed documentation in Stratoscale’s page at GitHub.

If our collaborative approach sounds appealing to you, and if you value free software and cooperative support for other R&D efforts around the globe, we’d love to have you join our team! Check out our open positions.


Some of Our Software Workflow Projects

pyracktest. Testing framework that uses rackattack for hosts under test

rackattack-physical. Physical Hosts provider using the rackattack API

osmosis. Replaces rsync, where the backend is a git-like object store; used for storing build products (and rootfses)

rackattack-virtual. Provider for hosts that uses localhost VMs (through libvirt)

rackattack-api. API for provisioning hosts (physical or virtual)

inaugurator. Kernel + Initrd that osmoses rootfs from network or disk on key

solvent. Manages build products dependency across projects

pycommonlog. Logging infrastructure for python programs

And many more!


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