Stratoscale Named a Visionary in 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant

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Stratoscale Named a Visionary in 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant

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Gartner’s perception of Hyperconverged Infrastructure has been under continuous transition, focusing on features and capabilities that drive data center modernization and scale-out, but in the most recent Magic Quadrant Gartner also evaluated software-only vendors for the first time.

Expanding the Vision of Hyperconverged to Support Cloud Native Applications

According to Gartner “clients routinely compare hyperconverged integrated systems (appliances) to hyperconverged infrastructure software that is supported on a broad set of certified reference or OEM hardware partners’ systems. Additionally, Gartner clients are placing increasing emphasis on public and private cloud capabilities and as-a-service procurement options.” In addition Gartner stated that “Over the next few years, cloud deployment models will become increasingly important to meet both short-term scale-up/scale-down requirements and backup and disaster recovery requirements. An important question for users is whether HCI is a stepping stone to the cloud or a ‘foreseeable future’ resting place for applications.”

We are very proud to be included in this inaugural Gartner Magic Quadrant. We believe our placement in the Visionaries’ quadrant (category) validates our mission to support the modern data center.

Stratoscale has been advocating for a software-only solution since its inception. Software-only hyperconverged offers customers the freedom from hardware lock-in.

But for many customers that’s not enough.

In the era of cloud-native applications, customers are increasingly focused on transforming enterprise environments to deliver cloud services and DevOps. Together with Stratoscale’s AWS compatibility and API support, customers can also eliminate cloud lock-in.

Delivering New Tooling and a New Culture in Enterprise Environments

The public cloud offers a wide array of managed services that are considered as as modern building blocks for applications. Cloud services enable developers to focus only on business logic and significantly shorten time-to-market. Now enterprises can enjoy the advantages of cloud-native applications running on their hyperconverged enterprise environments. Stratoscale’s solution supports all modern application development platforms and delivers a comprehensive suite of cloud services. In addition, the focus on API compatibility with AWS allows customers to easily transition and scale to the cloud and back, without re-writing cloud-native applications.

Stratoscale’s solutions include EC2-compatible and Kubernetes applications, S3-compatible, EBS-compatible and EFS-compatible storage, RDS-compatible databases, ELB-compatible load balancers, and EMR-compatible Hadoop.

The cloud era is much more than just modern tools and services. The DevOps culture, often referred to as the “Pets vs. Cattle” culture, offers unprecedented speed in setting up and scaling environments and supporting the high velocity development process that is essential in achieving agility and short time-to-market. The compatibility with AWS APIs also enables customers to leverage their existing AWS scripting and automation (including Terraform, Ansible, etc.). This offers development teams and operations teams the flexibility to choose the right environment for each application. They can also re-deploy and scale between environments without changing their existing DevOps practices.

Check out the full Gartner report for more details.

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February 8, 2018

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