Innovate or Die – A Hybrid Strategy That Works

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Innovate or Die – A Hybrid Strategy That Works

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Recently, Stratoscale Founder and CEO Ariel Maislos joined David Davis of ActualTech Media for an interview at the HQ of Stratoscale. The two discussed Stratoscale’s on-prem AWS compatible offering, as well as our journey and what the future holds.

Watch the video and read the transcript below:

David Davis: I am a former IT manager, i was a virtualization admin, back then things moved relatively slowly … the infrastructure was static … the applications development group – if they needed something new we made a trouble ticket and couple of months later we had a server up and running for them to do some application development , but things are changing.
Ariel Maislos: That’s right, i think it’s innovate or die, and for a good reason. In the past applications didn’t change frequently – you used to babysit them and any change was a potentially a disaster. It made a lot of sense back then. Today organizations have to innovate and evolve in order to meet today’s requirements because the internal customer now is the application development team and these software guys are moving quickly. If you don’t realize the pace that your customer is working at, as a service provider, you can not meet their expectations and that’s why we’ve seen a lot of these internal customers moving to the cloud because the cloud better serve them.
We are seeing evolution towards more complex database-like services, cloud applications, things that are developer focused, meeting the needs of the cloud-native application inside of an enterprise environment – that’s where the future is.
David Davis: So, some companies are putting everything in AWS, but Stratoscale offers AWS on-premises. So, why is that better? how does it help them?
Ariel Maislos: We think the cloud is amazing and AWS is a great product and a great company! But it’s not one size fits all. For a lot of applications it makes tons of sense to keep them on-prem, to own your data in highly regulated environment and sometimes for cost reasons. Early on moving to the cloud saved a lot of money – today the cloud is more expensive. It’s more convenient, it better serves the developers but it is more expensive. Taking all this considerations into play, we’re allowing you to deploy your cloud native applications wherever it makes sense for you.  Sometimes in a hosted environment, sometimes in the edge, sometimes in the public cloud, but it’s going to be the same applications regardless of where you deploy it.and that’s true freedom and that allows you to have a hybrid strategy that works!
if you need to re-write your application in order to deploy it somewhere else, you never going to do that.
David Davis: So Stratoscale provides the best of both worlds. 

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October 30, 2017

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