The simultaneous disruptive trends of social media, the ubiquity of mobile computing and the rapid adoption of cloud platforms like OpenStack, AWS, and others have created a massive increase in the volume and volatility of data under management and greater degrees of complexity in how it must be managed.

The Big Data Explosion

In the past, when database workloads grew, database software would be moved to larger and larger boxes, eventually to the largest and most expensive box in the data center. Worse still, these machines were typically sized to handle an occasional peak load many times the normal run rate. So database servers tend to operate at very low utilization, often below 10%.
With the adoption of the cloud and machine virtualization it’s no longer even an option to move your database to an enormous server machine. These huge servers are simply not available or practical in these environments. So large database workloads are spread across a collection of commodity servers.
Many IT professionals simply assume that managing this complexity comes with the territory.

But there is a better way

Tesora’s Database Virtualization Engine® (formerly ParElastic® Database Virtualization Engine)

You can now scale-out your database on demand without having to change a single line of code. The Database Virtualization Engine will seamlessly support operational workloads that exceed the capabilities of a single database server, while only provisioning, consuming and paying for the capacity that you need at any given instant. Read the Majestyk Case Study to see the solution in action.

Built for MySQL, MariaDB, Percona or Amazon RDS

With our Database Virtualization Engine leave the scaling to us so that you can scale your business. We manage the spikes, guaranteeing consistent performance even with the most extreme onset of volume. Our technology has been able to ingest more than 1 million inserts per second in the Amazon cloud with linear scalability and minimal overhead. Learn more here.

In the Cloud or on-premise

Technology this good should work everywhere. That’s why our Database Virtualization Engine can be used with OpenStackAWS other private clouds or on your own servers.

How it works

Tesora’s Database Virtualization Engine sits between your application and a group of relational database servers. The software exposes native MySQL interfaces. Your application sees a single “virtual database”.




Transparently scale out across many database servers
  • Handles read and write workloads that far exceed the capacity of a single server.
  • Avoids complex sharding or exotic technologies.
Add more data servers without moving existing data
  • Grows you database capacity with your business.
Dynamically add query processing capacity independent of storage
  •  Handle variable workloads from spikes in traffic, seasonality or scheduled reporting cycles.
100 percent compatible with standard MySQL
  • No code changes to your application.
Stores data in standard MySQL, MariaDB or Amazon RDS
  • Using proven database technology reduces risk and leverages existing investments in tools and skills.
Transparent support for multitenancy
  • Easily deploys existing applications as SaaS without application change.

Tesora’s Database Virtualization Engine has proven to work well for applications that meet these criteria:

  • Highly variable, unpredictable workloads
  • Frequent updates
  • Web-scale demands
  • OpenStack, AWS, other private clouds
  • SaaS / Single application and multitenancy
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
  • Open Source CMS
  • Interactive Web publishing
  • Mobile applications
  • Social gaming
  • eCommerce