Enterprise First – Docker all the way to Production

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Enterprise First – Docker all the way to Production

Enterprise First – Docker all the way to Production
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Whereas startups and smaller businesses are usually the early adopters, DevOps adoption is bucking the trend. With DevOps, it’s enterprises that are leading the pack according to RightScale’s 2016 STATE OF THE CLOUD REPORT: DevOps Trends with 81% enterprise adoption, versus 70% of SMBs. Enterprises lead SMBs in their endorsement of containers, both those experimenting, and the 29% who are already have workloads running in containers; 21% are running production workloads.

While currently Puppet is leading the pack as the most popular DevOps tool within enterprises, this state of affairs is not likely to remain for long. The most popular DevOps tool, at 42% is Puppet, while a close second is Chef at 37%. Docker is number three at 29%, but it is also the tool enterprises plan to use the most (38%). Almost 40% of enterprises plan to use Docker in the future, which is twice the number of organizations that are planning to use either Chef or Puppet.

A quarter of those surveyed use multiple configuration tools, rather than the 18% that use a single tool. Docker users are no exception, four fifths also use at least one configuration tool. Docker uptake at 27% leaves both Kubernetes and Docker Swarm cluster management tools behind at 7% and 6% respectively.

Enterprise DevOps

Best practices for deploying Jenkins here.

Certain challenges exist with containers; respondents listed security and immature technology as their top challenges, tied at 29%. A close second was lack of expertise with containers, noted by one quarter of those surveyed. Lack of experience also has a strong effect on those contemplating container deployment; almost 40% note this as the top reason preventing them from adopting containers. Therefore it’s no surprise that education was the top initiative for this year.

What’s ahead for 2016?

The top container initiative for 2016 is to improve skills in container and related technologies. Also many are planning on experimenting with different environments such as dev/test and production. Only 8% are not looking to use Docker at all, but on the other hand, only 6% are brave enough to move all their apps to containers.

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June 16, 2016

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