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The infrastructure for the next-generation datacenter.


The infrastructure for the next generation datacenter

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Stratoscale is the brainchild of serial entrepreneurs Ariel Maislos and Etay Bogner. It is funded by its founders and by Battery Ventures and Bessemer Venture Partners.







Ariel Maislos

Ariel is the founder and CEO of Stratoscale. Previously he managed Apple's flash engineering after bringing Apple to Israel with the sale of Anobit which he founded. Before that Ariel was the founder of Passave, sold to PMC-Sierra, and Pudding Media. Ariel is a Talpiot graduate, and holds multiple patents in storage, networking, memory and signal processing. He mentors in the FIRST Lego League and grows free-range chickens in his spare time.



Etay Bogner


Etay is the founder and CTO of Stratoscale, and an advisor to investors and Entrepreneurs alike. Previously, Etay was the founder of SofaWare, a Check Point company, building security appliances and the founder of Neocleus, building client-side virtualization products, which found a home at Intel.

alon rnd.png

Alon Horowitz

Alon is a software engineer who has worked in a variety of fields, including data deduplication, data replication and virtual tape libraries. Prior to working at Stratoscale, he helped develop many aspects of ProtecTIER, an enterprise-class clustered storage solution, at IBM. He holds a degree in Computer Science from Tel Aviv university (Magna Cum Laude) and outside of software, has played classical piano for over 20 years.



Amit Schrieber


Little did Amit know, as he started working for Stratoscale, that he would be required to provide this bio. Neither his Math/CS degree nor his diverse programming experience helped him achieve this goal.


Barak Perelman

Barak brings a decade of experience in the fields of cyber security and low-level development to the Stratoscale table. He is a highly creative, out-of-the-box thinker, who initiated and led many award-winning projects as a developer and product manager in an elite technological unit within the Israeli Defense Force. Barak holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Mathematics from the Hebrew University’s Talpiot program and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

dan rnd.png

Dan Aloni

Dan is an application and kernel programmer for the x86 platform, experienced in Linux and in backend systems design. His specialties include Linux kernel - writing drivers, subsystem, hacking, solving crashes, etc. C/C++, Python, mainly under Intel IA32, x86_64, and ARM 32-bit architectures; GNU/Linux operating systems, reliable fault-tolerant programming, low-level system programming, development infrastructure - complex build systems and source control - Git, integration of open source software; and porting of software between various environments (see the coLinux project).


Doron Gill

Doron has almost 30 years of experience in software development, the last 15 of which in various executive management roles. Starting his career as a developer at the Israeli hi-tech flagship company, Scitex, his management experience ranges from SaaS companies (Gizmoz, SupportSpace) to Enterprise software companies (Jacada, Mercado Software, Neocleus). An avid proponent of Agile development methodologies, Doron is a member of the Israeli chapter of the Atlassian (jira, confluence, bamboo and more) user group.



Liaz Kamper

Liaz has 10 years of experience in designing and developing software for embedded systems, networking and SAN technologies. Prior to joining Stratoscale, he led a software team in Broadcom, a world-leading provider of broadband communications. He holds a B.Sc. in communication systems engineering from Ben-Gurion University. Liaz is a big fan of history and aviation.



Mille Gandelsman

Mille (who hasn't yet met anyone who shares his name) is a recent Talpiot graduate, who spent the last six years leading groundbreaking cyber projects for the government of Israel, He has a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science from Hebrew University and an M.Sc. (Summa Cum Laude) in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University. When Mille was 15 he got his black belt in karate, but he's recently changed his strategy and began running.



Muli Ben-Yehuda

Muli is our Chief-Scientist. He's a systems researcher and an expert in the areas of machine and I/O virtualization. He holds a B.A. (Cum Laude) in Computer Science and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. From 2002 until 2012 he held senior research and managerial positions at IBM Research, where he was also an IBM Master Inventor. Muli has co-authored over thirty academic publications and forty US patents and is a frequent public speaker. His code and ideas are included in many operating systems and hypervisors, including the Linux kernel and the Xen and KVM hypervisors. He is one of the authors of KVM support for nested virtualization and the award-winning paper, “The Turtles Project: Design and Implementation of Nested Virtualization”.



Zivan Ori

Zivan is the Chief Archiect for Stratoscale. Previously he managed the development of XIV Storage at IBM and of Onigma (acquired by McAfee) Host DLP products. His interests include storage (SAN, NAS), network protocols (IB, 40GE, FC), system programming and embedded programming, Linux and distributed programming. An avid fan of Japanese language and culture, with JLPT L3 proficiency, Ori is a graduate of Talpiot.


Pavel Fux

Pavel is a former Embedded Team Leader in the IDF Intelligence Corps. Specializing in Network Communication, Linux and Low-Level Programming, he enjoys solving complex problems.



Rotem Dafni


Rotem began programming on his first XT computer when he was in the first grade. At the age of 15, he started his B.Sc. in Computer Science (Cum Laude) at the Open University. Later he served 4.5 years at en elite technological unit at the Prime Ministers Office, developing and leading projects in various technologies. During this time he completed his MBA at Tel Aviv Univerty. Prior to joining Stratoscale, Rotem led various R&D teams in VMWare, formally B-Hive Networks (acquired in 2008). Before that, Rotem was a senior developer in Juniper Networks. Rotem is also the proud father of Ido and an enthusiastic fan of Hapoel Tel Aviv.






Shahar Lev

Shahar got his B.A. in Computer Science from the Open University by the time he finished high school. After his army service in the IDF's intelligence corps, he completed his M.Sc. in Computer Science at Tel Aviv University. Before joining Stratoscale, Shahar worked on several Embedded Linux projects. A keen self-learner who won't stop hammering code until it works right, Shahar also likes to keep his brothers-in-arms merry.



Shlomi Matichin

Shlomi wrote his first line of code when he was 8 and hasn’t stopped since. He prides himself in being a full stack developer and is enthusiastic about software development methodology, especially continuous integration and testing.


Simon Grinberg

Simon joined Stratoscale from the product management team of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization.  He came to Red Hat as a result of the Qumranet acquisition (Qumranet brought KVM into Linux and developed the SPICE remote protocol for Qemu). Prior to that, he's worked for 7 years at CISCO Systems as a hardware developer after it acquired Pentacom, where he worked at the time. On weekends, Simon is involved in “do-it-yourself” home improvements and biking.



Chen Shemla


Chen is our Administrative Manager, with a B.A. In Psychology and Communication (with honors) from Tel-Aviv university, and a M.A. In Clinical Psychology (with honors) from Bar-Ilan university. Worked as a clinical psychologist in private practice and the public sector.

She makes our work seem easy. 



Lior Segev


Lior Segev has been developing algorithms and software for 18 years, in several different fields, from storage to advertising. He's worked in companies of all sizes, from freelancing alone to shoe-string start-ups with three developers and a CEO to IBM. He's also attended two universities and traveled in many countries (and will again).

Lior is a Talpiot Graduate and got his master's from Tel-Aviv University. 


Ido Trivizki


Ido has 10 years of experience riding unicycles and developing software. He joined Stratoscale after 9 years in the IDF as a software developer, and a development team leader.

Ido holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Mathematics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and is a Talpiot graduate.


Rom Freiman

Rom is a technology leader who likes innovation and big ideas.He brings a vast experience in security and embedded systems in addition to managerial skills, which he gathered from an elite technological unit within the IDF. Prior to joining Stratoscale, he led his own start-up. 

He holds a B.Sc. in computers and software engineering and MBA from Technion.

Rom loves to backpack around the world and already plans his next trip.


Maor Vanmak


Maor has 10 years of experience developing and designing embedded systems, specializing in Linux systems and low level.

Maor holds a B.Sc. in software engineering from Ben-Gurion university.


Benoît Hudzia

Benoît Hudzia is an accomplished Distributed System researcher and Cloud/System Architect. Until 2013 he held an architect  position at SAP working on designing the next generation cloud technology. 

Benoît authored numerous patents and academic papers, he holds 2 Master, a PhD and soon will add an MBA to the list. 

He still retained his french accent, even after living in Ireland for the past 11 years with his wife and 2 daughters. And, on top of contributing his skills and expertise to the company, he also oversee our Irish operation. 


Abel Gordon                        

Abel has almost 15 years of experience designing and building software systems. Prior to joining Stratoscale, Abel worked for more than 5 years at  IBM Research -- Haifa, where he lead multiple activities in the area of machine and I/O virtualization. He contributed new features to the KVM hypervisor, co-authored award-winning papers and is an inventor of multiple filed and issued patents. Abel also worked for more than 5 years at Elbit System and the IAF designing and
building modern software infrastructures for unmanned aerial vehicles.
He holds a B.Sc. (Cum Laude) in Information Systems Engineering  from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.


Galgalei Haplada 6

Herzliya Pituach


Join Us

Stratoscale is flat, hands-on and agile. Our team is growing and we’re looking for world-class gurus to fill the following positions:


  • Position 101 OpenStack developer  In this position you will work, among other things, on the OpenStack framework, tailoring all its elements to our specific needs. 3+ years of software development experience. Academic degree from a major university. Over one year of experience in development within or on top of the OpenStack framework

  • Position 201 Linux kernel hacker In this position you will join our team of worldwide renowned Linux kernel experts in building unique kernel modules to support our solution. 3+ years of proven experience as a Linux kernel developer. Open source contribution history. Academic degree a plus.
  • Position 301 DevOps engineer In this position you will be an integral part of our software development team concentrating on deployment of our software in both production and staging environments. 3+ years of software development. Experience with large scale software orchestration.
  • Position 401 End-to-end UX expert In this position you will be responsible for the user experience of our entire solution, starting from understanding the user, thru design and architecture of the user experience, and up to implementation and coding of front end and server side business logic. 3+ years of software development; Fluency in front end technologies - javascript et. al. Experience in backend frameworks - python on django a plus. Proven UX design experience, impeccable artistic style.
  • Position 501 Storage guru 5+ years of software development, at least 3 of which were in scalable distributed  storage solutions. Academic degree from a major university.
  • Position 601 Virtualization expert 3+ years of proven experience in the guts of one of the leading hypervisors - ESX, KVM, XEN. Academic degree a plus.
  • Position 999 Intern We're thinking about the future as well as the present. This is a call for 2nd and 3rd year students with previous experience who want to learn from the best and grow with us. Cum-laude equivalent grades a must.

Positions are in Herzeliya and Haifa